The following are the usual meetings in a healthy local HCF fellowship.
Please find out from your nearest local HCF fellowship about when and where the meetings are.


  1. Daily Dose
  2. The Healing Word
  3. All for Jesus Always Bible studies
  4. Daily Prayer: PrayerMate App + Prayer Triplets


  1. Local HCF prayer meeting
  2. Local HCF fellowship meeting
  3. Discovery Bible-study Disciple-making Groups: “D-Groups”
  4. Prayer triplets meet To join the Prayer Triplets, please enquire through the HCF India WhatsApp group or this website.


  1. HCF Day of Prayer:  every 1st Wednesday  (Notification is through the HCF India WhatsApp group)
  2. HCF Local Action Team (LAT) prayer and planning
  3. HCF National Action Team (NAT) prayer and planning


  1. HCFI Week of Prayer (1st week of January)
  2. Healthcare Sunday
  3. Nurses’ Day
  4. Staff retreat & Strategic planning